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Laser Hair Removal is finally painless and affordable at Amore Laser of Austin.  Amore Laser is a full service medspa located in Austin, Texas at 2103 West Anderson Lane. We specialize in Austin Laser Hair Removal, Microdermabrasion, Skin Tightening, Toe Nail Fungus Removal, Skin Rejuvenation and Acne Treatments for both men and women with all skin types. We use cutting edge laser technology to safely and effectively perform a wide range of cosmetic procedures.

When Amore Laser of Austin was born we set out to be the most cost effective Laser Hair Removal medspa in Austin Texas. We wanted to accomplish this along with utilizing the most advanced equipment in the industry. To achieve this, we continually monitor the local market so we retain the most competitive prices in Austin Texas for Hair Removal, Skin Tightening and Skin Rejuvenation treatments. This is something that Amore Laser of Austin is very proud of and we stand behind our low price guarantee today.

We proudly use FDA approved Candela Lasers, specifically the GentleYAG and the Gentle Lase with both providing cutting edge technology available for Laser Hair Removal and are both FDA approved to treat all skin types, even dark and tanned skin. Variable pulse durations and multiple spot sizes ensures the best results because it is able to adjust to every hair and skin type.

Many medspas in Austin are using IPL and BBL machines which are no comparison to the technology that the GentleYag and the Gentle Lase especially for hair removal for all skin types.Candela Lasers are by far the most versatile machines on the market. In addition, the GentleYag has leg and facial vein treatment capabilities which the other brands do not. The Dynamic Cooling Device technology on both machines provides aconsistent epidermal cooling which assures maximum comfort and patient safety. The Gentle Lase on the other hand is the best machine for lighter toned skin as well as skin rejuvenating treatments. We also use the FDA approved Q-Clear laser to treat toe nail fungus removal and tattoo removal.

We invite you to stop by Amore Laser to see for yourself the quality services that we offer at the most affordable prices. We are committed to customer satisfaction and strive to be the best Laser Hair Removal medspa in Austin Texas.We encourage you to check our local reviews to see for yourself.

**Before choosing a clinic in Texas please be aware of the current Laser Hair Removal laws which were recently implemented. Currently, there are MANY medspas operating in Austin without a license which is against the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) rules and regulations. To verify if the clinic owner is in compliance with the State of Texas please visit DSHS online here and navigate to List of Persons Registered in Texas as a Laser Hair Removal Professional.

If you looking Laser Hair Removal in Austin, look no further. Call us for a FREE consultation at 512-291-HAIR (4247) to see how we can change your life! You also can contact us if you have any questions about our many laser services.

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